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"Opportunity" Shrinky

process sculpture shows signature Surel's Place

This little artwork is 6" x 6" square. Made with Shrinky Dinks® material and stainless steel rings that hang from stainless steel rods. The material is translucent, when hung on a wall it will throw shadows creating geometric shapes that change with the light throughout the day. 

"Opportunity" by Melissa Osgood
6" x 6" 
Shrink plastic and stainless steel

Like an advent calendar of sorts, abstract squares represent openings to opportunity. Where will they take you?


Surel's Place asks local artists to create works in ShrinkyDinks® material for their 2024 Fundraising Gala and auction event to support their artist in residence program. 

Find this piece up for auction online or in person, June 7-8, 2024!
Surel's Place  |  212 E. 33rd St.  |  Garden City, ID

Link to auction and Gala tickets on Auction Frogs:

HOT TIP: Use black buttons on the right to preview auction items.

Always a challenge, this tricksy shrinking plastic. Images below show the process. Once cut, the pieces are melted in an oven and shrink before your eyes. I work the plastic while it's hot to create the opening. < ouch! > < cuss >


Surel's Place 2024 Art Auction and Gala

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