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I really do want world peace. I am an artist and work in the arts. All I can offer in my work is perspective and reflection. I hope to inspire humanitarian ideals beginning with people at peace with themselves and in their communities.


All One People sticker at Melissa Osgood Studio


Katherine wearing peace pendant at Melissa Osgood Studio.

Beautiful Katherine. Award-winning fiddle player, singer, cookier, and 5th grade teacher.


We will likely never achieve any ideal state where everyone is treated respectfully; where we all have access to sustainable creature comforts; where we are free of pain and suffering caused by unmet medical needs or hungry bellies; where fighting (among ourselves or through wars) isn’t even considered in lieu of a “strong debate” and outcomes could be based on the benefit of all instead of capital gains; where people are inspired to do their best or try their hardest and are rewarded in pay to at least afford a life of decency; where we can see that our world/our home is in crisis and we all agree to stop damaging our planet even if we have to give up familiar habits and make way for innovation; where we don’t over-eat, self-medicate, or overpopulate and we can each feel unique and appreciated for our gifts and contributions.

I am hopeful we all get to experience “moments” where we can imagine a world in this way. It is my wish that the work I create encourages strength in individuals so their gifts and talents can be appreciated and respected by others. Through compassion and kindness we can have all our needs met, be innovative together to solve problems and unite in our pursuits — this is building a culture of peace.



I’m sure a lot of people are familiar with the peace emojis and seeing it in the world (like on their Lucky Brand clothing)(maybe via That 70s Show), but I think it’s a generational symbol for sure. I find that this symbol doesn’t always resonate with everyone. Some people have a negative impression of it, maybe dirty-hippie-fear imposed by their parents or attempts by nazi-like, anti-christian or other radical entities to claim the symbol. As symbols go, this one was “created” for a purpose by Gerald Herbert Holton for the 1958 Aldermaston peace walk (against nuclear war), but like everything there are no new ideas and even with this symbol there is evidence of this simple line art deep in history. My assessment after having this pendant on offer since 2018 is that it’s mostly purchased by people in their mid-to-late 60s, some thirty-somethings (artists), and some older boomers who are just awesome humans. But the youngsters, don’t quite get it unless introduced (gifted by an older — a great way to engage them!). At 50, I’m on the cusp, having grown up in the 70s. And I have a personal story that connects me to the peace symbol.


CONCEPTION June 6, 2016 

Sage yoga studio in Boise, Idaho.

Sage Yoga Studio in Boise, Idaho — Every Monday evening with my favorite all-time yoga teacher and friend, Marcy Midnight

As many people do, I have a mind-body connection with yoga. It suits my athleticism, allows me to breathe, slow down and actively meditate. Since 1996, yoga has helped center my thoughts, allowed me a space to grow up and find my own bravery. In class that day, it was the most peaceful moment I had in a long time — it was sweaty bliss. I looked up and saw this symbol on the wall and knew I would make this pendant and how I would make it. And so I did. Two years later.

 Peace symbol decorating Sage Yoga Studio. Photo by Melissa Osgood

CREATION August 8, 2018 

Once a thing is decided it’s just a matter of forward motion. I sat down at the bench and made my first peace pendant and two days later sent it out to have cast. I self-funded the project, it was just something I was compelled to do. To date (2021) this is still a huge effort for me in my tiny studio — I just might break even with costs and time.

Peace Pendant on Jewelry Bench at Melissa Osgood Studio

Peace Pendant master ready to receive it's hammered finish on Melissa's jewelry bench.



Peace Day is a thing! Every year! Declared in the 80s by the United Nations. Not many people even know about it so let’s keep the momentum going!

The International Day of Peace "Peace Day" is observed around the world each year on 21 September. Established in 1981 by unanimous United Nations resolution, Peace Day provides a globally shared date for all humanity to commit to Peace above all differences and to contribute to building a Culture of Peace.

Another organization to watch is PEACE ONE DAY, a movement by Jeremy Gilly who’s efforts are probably gaining more traction than the UN, and events, contributing speakers and celebrities are “bigger” and better each year — like the addition of spokesperson Jude Law (swoon).

Peace pendants in sterling silver at Melissa Osgood Studio.

I love the peace symbol reproduced in precious metal, as peace is precious. I love the silk cord representing the delicate nature of peace.

I hope this peace pendant resonates with you, I had so much fun making these for you to share — let’s wear peace, share peace, and think peace as we are united with this world message on September 21!


What can you do for peace?

What are your skills?

What can you change?


United Nations website for International Day of Peace

Peace One Day Initiative

Peace symbol history on Wikipedia:


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