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Art jeweler and goldsmith, Melissa Osgood, has a background in visual art and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in design. She received metal-specific training from Pratt Fine Arts Center in Seattle and holds a diploma from Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco. As an appreciator of well-designed goods and spaces, her work presents a modern simplicity.

Melissa Osgood working at her jewelry bench in Boise, Idaho.

Eclectic. Energetic. Beautiful.

I want to feel radiant every day. I want to wear and enjoy things that help me remain open to new ideas and experiences. Art that you wear on your body is an expression of self AND a reflection of our world. It’s easy to become derailed on the path that you dream for yourself so I think it is important to collect real and tactile items that act as touchstones.

Jewelry is art that you wear on your body and your body is your canvas. Isn’t that beautiful? You are beautiful. You may be at the beginning of your journey, or somewhere in the middle, but if you dream an intention for what you want and surround yourself with inspiration, you will soon be traveling with a lightness of spirit.

All of my pieces are named by the origin of why I make these works. Of course they come from my own experiences, but ultimately they should speak to you, help share your story and keep you on your path. I imagine we have similar goals and interests and that’s the kind of energy that brought you to my work. Become a collector of my eclectic offerings so I can continue to make works that inspire both of us to live our best lives, one’s that are rich and full.

I’m so happy we have come together through art.

Melissa Osgood
Artist, Goldsmith

Studio is located in Boise, Idaho USA
elevation 2730ft
gmt-07:00 mountain time
43° 36' 12" N / 116° 12' 12" W
Meditative works for wearing — artist-made jewelry in high-quality silver and gold by Melissa Osgood.

See jewelry locally at the Boise Art Museum Store. No admission required to visit the store. 670 Julia Davis Drive, Boise Idaho 83702

See Melissa in her studio in this short video by Idaho Statesman photographer, Katherine Jones:

Melissa Osgood in her studio. Video by Idaho Statesman photographer, Katherine Jones.