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YOU. Without words.

Jewelry is an expression. It represents your focus, proves your confidence, symbolizes place, inspires well-being, and shares your story. Your personal style tells a story. Maybe you're not such a sparkle-seeker, but the occasional glimmer catches your eye. And maybe you prefer effortless and undemanding looks to balance your inner fire. Whatever your style, your artist-made jewelry collections express your genuine self.

Meet your daily experiences with ease as you put yourself exactly where you want to be. Jewelry travels with you in your everyday braveness. Choose a pendant that reminds you to move through your day with ease, or, activate your all-black-outfit with a statement neckpiece. Jewelry makes your daytime outfit grounded and your evening outfit intense.

Let your jewelry share your story. These jewelry offerings are symbols of abstract experiences, explorations of intention, and willingness to be open to do it all again. Enjoy this curated selection of artist made and designed jewelry — these pieces allow you to share your personal story, without words.

Melissa Osgood
Art Jeweler & Metalsmith

Studio is located in Boise, Idaho USA
elevation 2730ft
gmt-07:00 mountain time
43° 36' 12" N / 116° 12' 12" W


See Melissa in her studio in this short video by Idaho Statesman photographer, Katherine Jones:

Melissa Osgood in her studio. Video by Idaho Statesman photographer, Katherine Jones.