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Springtime Balance

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Equal day/Equal night. My favorite time of year! Balance your spirit any way you please. Of course that's usually what my jewelry work is about, balance.

Most of my work is mildly influenced by Ayurvedic principles, the location of the sun and the moon, how I feel on a daily basis and how I want to feel. If you can relate, I invite you to shop my eclectic offerings for various expressions in precious metal. Hopefully these pieces inspire you along your path as a wanderer or a dreamer or just to remain open and curious. Perhaps we are kindred spirits.

Vernal Equinox at Bruneau Sand Dunes, Idaho by Melissa Osgood

On top of a dune at Bruneau Sand Dunes.


Something new in the studio, full-moon pendants! I just adore these fierce pendants for their grounding and radiant energy. Representing the full moon and the new moon (on the reverse side), these little satellite gems are hefty for their size, individually cast, and illuminate one simple selfless concept — the sustaining* cycle of the moon.

Full Moon Pendant by Melissa Osgood Studio.

Top: New Moon Pendant illuminated by the suns corona during an eclipse. Bottom: Full Moon Pendant, sterling silver dipped in mellow 14K Gold. (Of course, It's the same pendant, two moon phases in one!)

*Yes, sustaining. Did you know our moon is responsible for seasons? I'll work through that one in another blog post.

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