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Can You Burn A Hole Through Gold?

gold sculpture Surel's Place

I did. It was exciting. Burning a hole through gold with my torch was an adventure in goldsmithing initiated by an artistic whim. It was a calculated risk. I admit I made sample pieces, but every metal responds differently, so you never know what to expect. Isn't it beautiful?

This piece is Available

Beautiful Risk Sculpture by Melissa osgood

This piece is titled Beautiful Risk. A shiny reminder to take risks daily as the results can be so very beautiful. 

The four quadrants create a compass of sorts. A familiar orientation, perhaps moving toward risk. Experiences settle in as texture in the lower corners. The metal accumulates high in the center burn-out, the risk is high, attainable. The 14K wires stretch and ground on the metaphorical material plane.


14K Yellow Gold Framed Sculpture, Beautiful Risk by Melissa Osgood

Detail showing burnout by torch fire in finished piece, Beautiful Risk by Melissa Osgood 


Isn't it beautiful? Beautiful Risk. This piece is Available

A portion of this sale is donated to Surel's Place in your name. 

Watch a video of this piece during it's creation: 

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