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Holiday Happiness

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First snow in Boise, Idaho and it's still November. Unless you have to be somewhere, we usually retreat inside until we find our "snow legs."

Art Cards, Winter Foothills


I admit it's been awhile since I dove into winter head on. I'm not as eager to leave the crunch of leaves underfoot and transition to the squeak of snow. This is coming from a Nordic skier. I'll get there, but for now I like the pace of slow recovery from a busy year — and snowy roads and rooftops help me settle inward. 


"I send cards made from my images to family and friends, some are pretty and some are kind of silly, but a nice hand-made alternative to the mass produced card market." 

Click here to find Art Cards available for purchase.

Art Cards, Peace


At the moment, I'm thinking of gifts for my family while sipping Peet's Holiday Blend Coffee in my "Let That Shit Go" mug (from my best friend). The coffee is warming and peaceful and makes me smile, and so does this gift from my friend. May you find the perfect gifts for the people in your life. 

Let that shit go coffee mug at Melissa Osgood Studio.

Art Cards, Nutcracker Teeth

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