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Atumnal Equinox and Wilderness Wanderlust

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We’ve arrived at Fall. And today is the Autumnal Equinox.

“The Sun will beam down directly on the equator giving us just about equal amounts of day and night in most parts of the world.”

I love times of transition. Fall creates space to reset, adjust, find balance and find our way again. Fall is always a great time to plant seeds of intention for the coming year, to think about what to leave behind and how we want to honor change, new choices and commitments.

Jewelry Highlight: Smalls No. 4 Pendant


Keeping reminders of warm weather and wilderness near, I finally made a smalls pendant for myself and I can't stop wearing it! Smalls Pendant No. 4 from the And You, And Nature Collection.

A jewelry collection inspired by wanderlust. Most of these pieces get their floral shape from fallen tree bark — beauty that catches the eye and reminds us of a gentle breeze or ripple of water. A wilderness outing we can take with us everywhere.

Easy to wear pieces that compliment a casual modern style. Be sure to check out the statement pieces that would compliment any formal occasion.


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