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Stretching Sessions For The Body

with Melissa Osgood, BA, FM-CPT

Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Mentor


Body stretching sessions for head-to-toe pain relief and athletic recovery.

Using myo-fascial release techniques and trigger point therapy maps to resolve pain in the body.

Exercise and movement therapy unique to you!


Welcome to my informational page on stretching sessions for the body! You have likely arrived here by receiving a link from someone I know personally. I only accept new clients via word-of-mouth and have limited time set aside for this valuable work. I would absolutely enjoy connecting with you, to schedule a session please send me an email — also let me know what wonderful human is introducing you to me and if you have any questions.

Current availability: T, TH, FRI 
My schedule is flexible, just ask.


“I love puzzles and the way the human body is put together is the greatest puzzle of all. I enjoy helping people make a mind-body connection to their physical self. I often hear: 'I didn’t even know I was tight there!' Being in tune with our body is the health and wellness education we never received growing up — we often don't think about our bodies not functioning properly until we experience pain.”



My interest in the human body begins with being an athlete; this includes competition and coaching and 20+ years practicing yoga, swimming, running, sculling and nordic skiing. My personal experience with professional athletes and pain in my own body led me to train and practice this important art of resolving pain and mobility issues using myofacial stretching — a natural, alternative method of pain relief.

BA, FM-CPT – Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Mentor
Pain Management Specialist Certification
Level 4  R o s s i t e r Coach
PSIA Nordic Ski Instructor
doTERRA Essential Oil Wellness Advocate, AromaTouch Technique



We generally think that if it hurts “right there” that is the source of our pain. Collectively, a lot of research has been done to change our current approach to pain relief, and for those of us who study the wisdom behind this work, it becomes more accessible to everyone.

I use referred pain maps researched and documented by Dr. Janet Travell and Dr. David Simons to hunt down discomfort or trigger points in the body, and then use release techniques that increase blood flow in the muscle and fascia, often called trigger point therapy and myofascial release. Myo = muscle. Fascia = Connective tissue. Since we are looking at pain patterns and their sources we can quickly affect the whole body in a short amount of time.


“His passion, commitment, and dedication to expanding the scientific ... knowledge of muscle pain in order to help decrease the pain and suffering of human beings was unparalleled.” – Joseph M. Donnelly in memory of David G. Simons



When our body is on lockdown from an old trauma, an injury, an intense workout or just “sleeping wrong” we can have chronic issues like “gimpy” walking, “frozen shoulder,” back and hip pain, migraine headaches and general discomfort that keeps us from doing the things we want to do.

If your lifestyle includes being “fit for life” my version of body stretching may help you finally feel great in your body. Let me coach you through stretching sessions unique to you and leave you with some tips and a new way of thinking about how to feel your best.



Even if you consider yourself an athlete or “fit” person, we all spend time on computers, in front of the tv, on our smartphones or iPads and roughly 60-70% of us have similar hip and neck issues and occasional low-back pain. Using pin-point strategy and a little detective work, together we can uncover habits that are keeping you stuck in discomfort.



You will receive an assessment, then a body stretching session and leave with a focus to continue your work at home. I listen to your concerns about your body that often go unheard. It’s my hope that you leave your session with a new way to think about how you can feel your best.

In our sessions, you are an active participant in relieving discomfort in your body. Release techniques “on the stretch” are very pinpointed and sensations can feel uncomfortable at times but generally “therapeutically delicious” is the best way to describe the relief you can feel


“We often hold stress and tension in our muscle tissues. I use a lot of breath work in my sessions to help train people to relax into the spaces keeping them stuck or in pain.”



Arrive for our partnered stretching sessions wearing indoor workout clothes — these techniques are performed on the mat or a chair. Work clothes are ok if you don’t have time to change, but they may inhibit movement.



Being well-hydrated prior to your appointment will help with sensitivity during your sessions. A good rule-of-thumb with hydration is to drink half your body weight in ounces — if you’re 160 pounds, shoot for 5 full pint glasses of water per day as a minimum for your body to work optimally. As we stretch and work on trigger points, we are releasing stuck, contracted tissue fibers in your body and one way to stay “unstuck” is from the inside through hydration. Supple, is a great word for the way palpable healthy tissue should feel and respond. 



I routinely sanitize mats, equipment, chairs, and doorknobs. I am currently wearing a mask during sessions when providing work near the face, I don't require you to wear a mask. I will happily wear a mask during our entire session at your request. 



These sessions are not a substitute for medical treatment, but may serve as a compliment to medical therapy. If you are in need of serious medical attention, please call your physician or call 911.

  • If you have recently had a surgery or other procedure and are cleared by your doctor for physical therapy, then we may begin body stretching sessions.
  • At all times, you are in control of your session, please ask for less intensity into the body if you are concerned.
  • Please note that thyroid medicine, hormone replacement therapy and pain medicines may reduce or increase your sensitivity to pain and sensation in your muscle tissue.
  • If you are pregnant, please wait to see me post-delivery.
  • Please let me know if there are any places on your body to avoid (screws or plates, rashes or wounds, medicine patches, pacemaker, etc).
  • You MUST let me know if you have taken any antibiotic pack lasting one month or more, if you have had any osteoporosis medicine or injections within the last two years or if you have been diagnosed with osteoporosis – I will make some adjustment to techniques.



You may feel soreness in a way you haven’t before.
If you're new to this work, our sessions are technically a “workout” so expect some new sensations that lead to pain relief and improved mobility in a day or two!

    Stay hydrated!
    A daily goal of .5 oz per pound of body weight per day will keep you from any additional soreness.

      Continue to move your body!

      Keep yourself comfortable.
      Use your post-workout supplements such as electrolytes and vitamins/minerals that you know help with recovery after workouts. A warm bath with magnesium flakes or using heated rice pads might be just the right tool for comfort.

        A good nights sleep always helps the body recover!


        Acute Pain
        To address a specific problem area - 2-3 sessions within 2 weeks.

        If you are an athlete focused on performance and injury prevention - 2-4 sessions per month.

        If your work is active and repetitive - 2-4 sessions per month.

        If you are a human and work in a chair, and want to feel great and stay mobile - 2 sessions per month.

        If you are short on time - 1 session per month.



        ONE HOUR SESSION - $90
        Enough time to address the whole body. Leave our session feeling reset and ready to go again!

        Session Time Includes: Assessment, body stretching session, scheduling and payment.


        “If you play hard, consider investing in maintenance for your body, just as you would for your car or yard why not invest in your own health and wellbeing?”


        If you love being active and want to continue running at your best pace, hiking in the mountains, walking the golf course, running around with your kids or pets, and hauling your luggage to exotic places – without pain and discomfort – I’d love to help out!


        Since I don’t advertise my sessions to the public, this URL is the simplest place for me to share this information with you. I find the puzzle of jewelry making as satisfying as working with the human body! 

        I’m excited to meet you. Please send me an email so we can connect and schedule a session — let me know who directed you to me and please ask me if you have any questions. 

        Current availability: T, TH, FRI afternoons

        "... And our bodies feel great. You are a skilled and gifted practitioner! 💕 " —J.M. November 2023


        "(After our session) I felt like an owl when I pulled out in the car, I turned my head to look back and it kept turning lol" —N.H. March 2023


        "What do other people do when they don't have someone like you in their back pocket?" —J.A. July 2022


        “You’re a miracle worker. My back pain was relieved so much after my session with you that was able to run my 10K event the next day.”    —D.M. May 2022


        "I think you've ruined me on massage. I just don't get the relief like I get from sessions with you." —C.T. March 2022

        "Your suggestions on setting my shoulder joint before workouts at the gym has reduced my shoulder pain significantly. Thank you!"
        — S.P. February 2022

        "Just want you to know I finally feel good. My shoulder really relaxed. Thank you 💚" —S.S. November 2021

        “I just used my last session at… It wasn’t even similar to your work. You are very good at what you do.” — K.H. July 2021


        "Once a week stretching sessions with you are definitely helping me meet my training goals. I feel great in my body and have optimum range of motion during all my workouts. Thank you Melissa!!" — C.E. June 2021


        "Wow. I can turn my head now." — A.B. Feb 2021

        "I don't feel the hip pain anymore!" — P.A. March 2021

        "I definitely came away with my 'tank filled' and a welcome sense of calm." — T.R. Dec 2020